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When choosing who you want to work on your heating and plumbing systems it is always important to ask the following questions 
-Are they Licensed
-Are they insured
-Do they have the knowledge and experience to complete the work properly.
-Will the be there for you if anything goes wrong.
In BC all gas installations require a permit and may be inspected by the authority having jurisdiction.
 All gas fitting (propane and natural gas) must be installed by a licenced 'B' or 'A' gas fitter, licenced in BC.

If the work is performed by an unqualified individual your home or business insurance could be void.
In British Columbia all plumbing installation and repairs are to be done by a licensed Plumber - again - if an unqualified individual performs the work you may not be insured for any damaged caused by leaks or sewer backups.
 Plumbers and Gas fitters take years of training on and off the job to perfect their craft - this is one reason that it does cost more up front to have a qualified trades person perform any work but in the long term it works out less costly as there would not be major repairs in the future due to shoddy workmanship.